Is Program Integrity Just Code for Anti-Immigrant?

Victoria Benner February 8, 2016

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill speak frequently about “waste, fraud, and abuse” in federal programs. From subsidized school meals that feed low-income children to refundable tax credits that incentivize work and offset child-rearing costs, it seems to these lawmakers that the federal safety net is rife with over-payment. The term “program integrity” has recently come into vogue to address the alleged rampant exploitation of the government’s assistance.

It has become clear, however, that when lawmakers discuss “waste, fraud, and abuse” and “program integrity,” these are really just terms of art to justify denying immigrants (and others in need) access to federal programs. While immigrants are already explicitly barred by statute from participating in many of these programs, regardless of whether their status is lawful or not, members of Congress seem determined to limit the few programs that remain.

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National Council of La Raza Action Fund Tu Voto Cuenta

The National Council of La Raza Action Fund (NCLR Action Fund) is a Latino advocacy organization that works to expand the influence and political power of the Latino community through civic engagement and issue-based campaigns.  The Action Fund can engage in nonpartisan political campaign work.

With the 2016 elections rapidly approaching and the Hispanic voting bloc up-for-grabs, there is an urgent need for a targeted get-out-the-vote campaign, conducted by a Hispanic organization that has the relationships, expertise, and experience necessary to increase Latino voter turnout.  The NCLR Action Fund is that organization.

In the 2016 elections the Action Fund will work in key Senate and House races and in the six presidential battleground states where the Latino vote will be critical to victory.  These states are:  Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Virginia.

The NCLR Action Fund has extensive expertise organizing issue-based advocacy campaigns.  Whether in its work, to advance the prospects of jobs, education, the Affordable Care Act, voting rights, immigration reform, civil rights, or environmental issues, the NCLR Action Fund has a proven record of professional grassroots and grasstops campaigns that shape the direction of public policy.

As electoral campaigns mature, the NCLR Action Fund is poised to expand on its vast experience with political organizing in the Latino community.  The Latino vote can change the course of an election or of an issue campaign – but only if a professional and trusted messenger is working to educate, motivate, and mobilize Latino voters.

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